Welcome to Freesun Technology, the most trusted android customization expert. Freesun are manufacturer and trading combo in android tv box and internet tv solution from 2012,  with strong software and hardware R&D team and professional sales team. Freesun have branched out to offer the same great value and service in android smart projector at 2015 and in Virtual Reality ( VR) in 2016.
Freesun are all about value, service and giving the extra gains for our customers. In Android  Audio/Video device filed, Freesun do eveything which can provide great value and warmest service, so that customers can enjoy amazing smart video world.
What makes Freesun different?
1. Split your content into different time segments. Then targeted advertisement to customers by mac

2. Hold stock to meet customers fast delivery
3. Sales team deal with customers case within 24 hours

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