Amlogic S905w chipset is really good for Android tv box?

Amlogic S905w become hot overnight, and many manufacturers are busy at developing new tv box moudle.  Many factories feedback amlogic S905w with better cost-performance than amlogic S905x. Yes, it is true. However we think we need give more time to wait Amlogic S905w become mature.

1. Chipset verndors of S905w ask manufactures to supply 8 pcs DDR. Amlogic S905x mainly with 2 pcs DDR. It mean S905w run much slower than S905x. 

2. S905w supports android 7.1 operation system. However most tv box apk, especially live tv apk and vod apk cannot work on Android 7.1 system till now. It mean that S905w is not good compatible with most tv apk. 

As tv box user, the most important things is that we can enjoy fluent, clear, rich tv experience. In order to save a little money for each box, then we may meet more issues. It is unworthy. 

Post time: Sep-29-2017