How to do for your iptv box with buffering?

More and more customers using iptv boxes to watch live tv, due to rich tv source. However it become more frequent to hear customers claim “ buffering” “freezing” “ bug ” etc.  Yes, every one is tired for these problem, when watching tv or playing games. Then what we should do at this time.

1. Clear app-data

Setting-advance setting-app-clear app data and app cache

2. Release store of tv box

When tv boxes worked for long time, TV box ram and rom with less room.  Then user can clear store of internet tv box, through deleting some applications or factory resetting.

3. Reboot router

Iptv has strong relationship with router. Most families not turn off router frequently. Router become hot. The internet speed become slower and slower.  Suggest can turn off router for sometime, then reboot router.

4. Speed test

User always say that internet is good, phone can work with wifi etc. For example, a family with 50mb internet. When internet pass through router, 50mb may become 40mb only.  And with a few computers, a few mobile phones working at one time. So the actual internet arrive to android tv box, may only 2 – 3 mb.  If playing hd tv channels, mini internet need 4mb. So suggest user install an tv boxes speed test .

It is very easy to know whether internet issues or not. Just take the tv box to anohter ip address to test.

5. APK

Need confirm with apk vendors, whether apk with issues, such as tv source not streaming, or server with issues etc.


Post time: Aug-07-2017