Why the price is so different in Android tv boxes filed?

John always say: Hi why your price is higher than xxx company.  Yes,  full same chipset, same 1gb or 2gb ram, same 8gb flash or 16gb flash, same from Shenzhen city, why the ott tv boxes with so different price.  As an porfessional android boxes customization expert, we find some reason as fellow:

( 1 ) Material

There are public model and private model. Public model such as MXX etc. Famous and huge market share. Private model such as Im96. Mainly for customization according customers’ demond, with much less market share.

Due MXX etc with huge market share, moreover with huge recycled machines. Manufacturers re-production tv boxes with recycled material. For example, there is around 2 usd price difference between full new 16gb flash and recycled 16gb flash.  Sorry that it is not easy to distinguish the material well for most user. 

( 2 ) CPU

We know 64 bit with much more faster speed to run a tv box. Many vendors use 32 bit, even 16 bit cpu. However when they sell their items, they also notify that their cpu with 64 bit high speed 

( 3 ) DDR

Normally  there are 2 pcs DDR on one motherboard. Some vendors use 4 pcs DDR or 8 pcs DDR on pcb board. Then android tv box system become slower. But vendors can save around 2-3  usd/ pc 

( 4 ) Flash

There are different cost between brand flash and non branded flash. 

( 5 ) Firmware

Some vendors cannot supply perfect firmware. Or without enough ability to customize firmware. If firmware is not good, tv box users may need some issues, such as black screen, buffering for some apk, long time to load app etc.

( 6 ) Package

Standard or Giftbox package with different cost 


Post time: Jul-14-2017


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